Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will's Graduation!!!

 WOW! What a wonderful day! And I am so glad it's over! I'm always doing 20 things at a time and hardly ever get stressed, but man the past two weeks have not been kind to me. I was in charge of the 6th grade promotion. Will's school had NEVER put on a graduation/promotion for the 6th graders...Ever. So of course I pushed for it and volunteered to do it. All. I taught the kids "lean on Me' and "You've got a Friend in Me". I made and printed the certificates (with a little help from Scott), decorated, rehearsed, made posters, ordered food and made up the programs. I had no idea how tough 6th graders are. Man oh man!

 Will had lots of family and friends in attendance. It sure is nice to have their support! Jackson's class went on a field trip to a hike and decided not to go. He would rather see Will in his special day!

WAY TO GO WILL!! I am super proud of you!


Clarissa B. said...

How exciting! Lori, you look so beautiful and YOUNG! Have you lost weight? I love your long hair!

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Awwww Will is such a special guy! Congrats, dude! And Lori- you look absolutely breath taking in that picture :) You so pretty :) (Soak it in- people don't say stuff like that enough) Miss your fun family!