Monday, December 17, 2012


 We have been wanting, desperately, to go back to Disneyland for sometime now. We decided we'd go right after Thanksgiving, but before the Christmas rush.

We headed to California for an entire week, which included going to Disneyland for 4 awesome days!

We went on everything, and it wasn't very busy either! We rode every ride, several times. Watched every parade, light show, movie and fireworks displays that both parks offered. It was incredible! It was so fun.

My mom and Bill met us at Disneyland and made the trip so much better having grandparents to share in these incredible family memories.

 I, of course, was super excited to go to Disneyland. But, I was even more excited to take Nathan. He just loves Mickey Mouse so much. I knew he'd have fun, but wasn't sure how he'd react to seeing a real Mickey Mouse. A life size Mickey. Some kids cry. Not Nathan! He ran right over to him and hugged him. That moment made my entire trip. Everything else was just bonus!

 We found several new (new to us!) hidden Mickey's around the park's. Can you find this one?

It's on the caterpillar ride in the Bug's life area. Cool!

 We scored these FREE buttons that say it's their first visit to Disneyland. The other boys received free buttons with other sayings on them too.

 Another fun activity we did a lot of on this trip was pin trading. We bought lanyards and cheap, dumb Disney pins.  We then traded them with Disney employees in both parks and collected some really rare, cool pins!
 Brigham, my 4 year old's, favorite ride was "the upside down ride", otherwise known as California Screamin'.

Nathan, my 3 year old's, favorite ride was Tower of Terror!!

Both boys went on everything!!! It was awesome! 42" is the magical number!

 My trickster, conniving, mean husband lied to me about going on this terrible, frightful ride. I HATE Ferris wheels, especially the ones that swing!! Everyone got in line to go, but me and my mom. All of a sudden the crowd of people waiting to go on the ride started chanting "Lori, Lori, Lori...!!!!" Then different people kept yelling out that I should go on the ride, it'll be fun, it's not scary...So I went. Peer pressure! Once I was on the ride I realized it was the swinging car and not the one that stays still. I screamed, and yelled. Then cried. All the boys were trying to comfort me, even cute Nathan and Brigs!

 While the fam was standing in line I ran to buy a snack. I ran out of hands to hold the 2 cokes, and 2 turkey legs I purchased...Those were dang good legs! Totally worth the $9.00 each!
 Yes, my family is so large we took up the entire car of many rides while wandering around the different parks!

 We would get Fast Passes for rides, we took advantage of single rider lines and always asked for a baby switch pass. That helped to cut down on wait times to the popular rides.

It was great weather, great memories, great company, great time. I am so glad we went. Can't wait to go again!