Monday, December 17, 2012

Downtown Disney and 5 months old

 On Saturday we took a break from the parks and hung out at the hotel for most f the day swimming and playing in the game room. Later that evening we headed to Downtown Disney to walk around, shop and eat dinner.
It was beautifully decorated and fun walking around. The weather was great, as you can see were all wearing shorts in December!
 Our favorite store, by far, was the Lego Store. Outside and in are several huge Lego creations. My favorite is, of course, Belle!

 Marceline's Confectionery is a fun candy and chocolate store. We bought several yummy treats there for dessert. Carmel and chocolate covered pretzels and apples, fudge, suckers and much more!

 On Saturday was also Little P's 5 month birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!! He's such a wonderful addition to our family. Always happy, always smiling. His new smile is with his tongue hanging out. Too cute!