Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jenny Lake, Wyoming

On Wednesday, Scott told me that he didn't work Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Say Wha? I had (another) great idea of heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the weekend. Being the wonderful husband, that he is, he said YES!! Our main stop was Jenny Lake. We hiked around this beautiful lake. We all enjoyed ourselves. It was perfect weather and oh, so beautiful. We took our time and enjoyed every moment.
What a cool kid Will is. He offered to hold Preston for part of the hike. THANKS!!!

We rode the boat back to the ranger station and headed to the next lake, String Lake. We spent the afternoon playing in the water. Will is half way out in the lake and it only went up to his waist! It's a very shallow lake, which makes it a little warmer. It was so fun to swim and play!