Sunday, September 29, 2013

I thought he was just a Loser...

A few weeks ago, I was watching this television show where two police detectives asked a husband and wife into their office to question them regarding their son. At first the parents were like, "what did he do now?" Asking more questions about the wrongs their son had probably done. A robbery, drug related...what?

After a few moments of asking the parents some questions, they revealed to them their son had been murdered. Of course they both wept and were incredible sad about their boy.  After a short time, the detectives uncovered that the son had endured some major trials. The parents were both shocked and stunned. They had no idea about these experiences. The dad wept and said, "I thought my son was just a loser".  In the context of the tragic situations that this boy had been required to endure, it became evident why the boy had made some unfortunate choice. 

There have been many times I thought my brother was a loser for the choices he made; being a drug addict and all the things that comes with that. Of course I loved my brother very much, but a lot of times it was hard not to think of him as anything else.

Regardless of being a drug addict, or any other life altering patterns, there is always a reason why. There is always a reason why someone goes from making straight A's to failing every class. There is always a reason why someone tries drugs. There is always a reason why someone leaves the church.

I need to be better at not judging someone on how they are acting and/or living in this moment. I need to take into account their life, their history, their trials and their choices.

It really hit home for me today during fast and testimony meeting. So many adorable children willingly went up to the pulpit and bore their testimonies.  Most of those innocent testimonies shared the same belief; that we will live again with God and with Jesus Christ again. I am especially thankful for this knowledge, knowing I will see my brother again. I can't wait for that moment!

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Jennica Brinkerhoff said...

It will be joyous, Lori! I can't wait for you! I can't wait to see my mom again, too! Such peaceful knowledge we have, isn't it?