Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The car is totalled!

On Saturday, September 14th, Scott was driving Tyler home after a football game. It started pouring rain. Tyler said, "This weather is so bad, I think someone is going to get into a car accident." Then, he put on his seat belt. Scott agreed and slowed down to about 50mph. Within a minute, a white truck pulled in front of them and Scott had to tap on his brakes. This caused the car to hydroplane and swerve in and out of the fast lane on the I-80 freeway.  Scott turned the wheel to straighten the car out correctly, but the freeway made a slight bend in the road. This made the Cobalt spin further out of control and smash into the median concrete divider. Scott was sure that the car would flip over into oncoming traffic. Thank goodness that did not happen. After the car slammed into the medium, it slid a few hundred yards. 

Scott called and with a strange voice and said, "Lori, Tyler and I are fine, okay?" Weird, but okay. Then he continued, "We were in a car accident, nobody else was hit or hurt."

Both boys are fine. The car, not so much. You can't really tell from the pictures, but the back passenger's tire is bent up and undrivable. Their backs were sore and Tyler had a big goose egg on the side of his head, but they are fine. They walked away from the accident. Thank Goodness.

When I drove up, Tyler began walking to me, and started to cry. He was shaken up and a bit scared.  He told me it was his fault because he had said someone is about to be in an accident because of the bad weather. Poor guy! We immediately told him it was NOT his fault. Actually, he was a brave hero. He listened to the spirit and buckled his seatbelt! That was a true miracle!


Tara Nelson said...

Lori! I am so glad your boys are safe.

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

AAAHHH! So glad they are both okay!