Friday, September 6, 2013

More than a 1% chance

Tyler loves football. Right now he lives, eats and breathes anything and everything that is football. And he's good at it! Really good. Tyler wears the #2 Olympus jersey with pride!

The other day he was telling me that he wants to play for the NFL but after that, he will be a doctor. Umm, actually bud, you will be a doctor first and maybe play in the NFL. Tyler thought I was crazy because I said that he "may" play in the NFL.

I explained to him that a kid his age has about a 50% chance to play in High School. IF a kid is lucky enough to play in High School, he has about a 20% chance to play for a College team. IF that kid plays in college, it's about a 1% chance he'll actually end up in the NFL.

He was bummed to say the least.


Then came last Saturday's game. In the first play of the game, Tyler gets handed the ball and he runs. And runs. And scores a touchdown! Another great play was next while Tyler was playing defense. He stripped the ball from the opposing team's quarterback on the 20 yard line and runs. And runs. TOUCHDOWN!! In Saturday's game he scored 3 of the 4 touchdowns, had numerous sacks and tackles and played his guts out. Here is a video of his 2nd TD run and the long 40 yard run that he made to set up the team's other TD that he did not score.

The final touchdown that he scored was in the last minute of the game.  The game was tied 19-19.  Tyler's team was on the 30 yard line, and the ball was snapped directly to Tyler.  But the ball was hiked too far to his right, so it fumbled to the ground.  With FIVE players from the other team pursuing him in the backfield, he stiff-armed one of them to pick up the ball, and then outran all five of them to score the game winning TOUCHDOWN!!!

After the game, I told him if he continues to play like that, it'll be more than a 1% chance to make it to the NFL. He was jazzed!

These other pictures are from the week before for their Pre-season game against Riverton.