Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Eve and a Very Happy Birthday to Scott

Scott had New Years Eve (his birthday) off from work ... Thank Goodness!! We had a FUN day filled with lots of different activities and tons of games!! The night before, I wrote different activities our family would do together randomly throughout the day. Those ideas were then stuck inside balloons and a time written on the balloon that told us when it would need to be opened. It started with a delicious breakfast.  

Here is a list of the things I planned for the day:
  • breakfast
  • mock tails (I made three different ones of these)
  • write our resolutions on the chalkboard
  • draw and color pictures
  • decorated cupcakes
  • "ring in the new year" with ring pops
  • open gifts (Happy Birthday SCOTT!!!)
  • go to the zoo (it ended up being too cold to do this!)
  • Poppers
  • make mini pizza's for lunch
  • sparklers
  • Fireworks
  • special games
  • jacuzzi time

 Here is the list we came up with of games to play. We went through most of them...and it was a ton of fun!!
Below we are "ringing in the new year" with our ring pops!

CHEERS!! Here's one of the mock tails I made. Yum! I went to Pinterest and found a few I thought were not only easy to make but that my boys would enjoy. I bought plastic wine glasses for the boys to use. We also took turns making a toast. SO fun!

I found some cute pages for the little boys to color. And for the older boys, they completed a 2014 remembrance page. It was fun to see the kids write their year in review. (again, from Pinterest!)

One of the "special games" was the flour and the dime. Messy fun!  All the boys wanted to retrieve the dime and once they did they regretted it immediately. They say flour mixed with a bit of spit tastes like glue! 

Happiest of birthday's to this guy! 38 years old. Scott is such a great guy. We're lucky to have him in our family.

And, of course, was the annual fireworks celebration at the Towers'/Monson's home. Over 2,015 fireworks were set off. Awesome!!