Thursday, January 8, 2015

So many Santa's!

Before 2015 gets too far along, I better post about Santa Claus. 

This past holiday season we were able to meet many different Santa's. Some were good and others great. We did tell our boys, which we have before, that lots of father's out there dress up as Santa to help Mr. Claus. There are so many shopping malls, parties and school appearances that the Big Guy can't make them all. So, he's hired dads to help. 
Now, these dad's have flown to the North pole for a special training on how to be the best Santa. These dad's have seen his work shop, elves and reindeer. It's a pretty important job that must be taken seriously. Scott is one of those great dad's that help fill in for Santa during his busy season. 

Preston was so cute when he would first notice Santa. He would yell "Ho Ho!!" and usually run to him. Brigham liked sitting on Santa's lap but Nathan was always hesitant and would go last. Just in case. The older boys would sit on his lap and pose for a picture because they love their mom. (I've heard she's pretty cool...)

Here are a few Santa's we met this wonderful Holiday Season. 

 In the grocery store....

In School...

At the Ward Christmas breakfast...

In RC Willey...

There were others...But I think you get the point. My boys are darling and still believe in Santa! 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!