Friday, January 2, 2015


Before the year ends, we had a minor operation scheduled for Preston at Primary Children's Hospital. He was adorable the entire time. He loved the attention from the nurses and doctors. He loved getting a bracelet, his weight and height checked. He also thought his new "pj's" were pretty cool!

He had his Mickey Mouse plush doll, blanket and passy...and he was off with his nurse and doctor in the little red wagon. 
They told us later they put him to sleep in the wagon with a gas mask that smelled like bubblegum then they moved him to the operating table where the plastic surgeon removed a large (hairy) mole on his shoulder.

When he awoke, he was a little groggy, but happy. Never crying once. They even wrapped his Mickey doll's hand where his IV was located. He asked for juice and popsicles. He downed four of them! 

This is what it looks like a week after the operation. Not too bad! 

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Judy said...

I love that cute boy!