Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's

Happy April everyone! Happy April Fool's Day!! I have not been a great fooler in years past, but I have a couple of fun ones I'd like to share with you.
While in college my brother came over to my apartment and was visiting me. The night BEFORE April Fool's Day I called my mom and told her William had stopped by and we had a fun time together. Well, William left and the prank began! The next morning I call my mom several times, until she answered. I was in a panic on the phone and told her William had spent the night and in the morning had taken my car! She was beside herself! I was trying NOT to laugh because I couldn't believe how well I was "getting her"! She said I should call the police and tell on my poor sweet brother! HA! That was my best one!

A few years ago, while living in Santa Barbara, I called Scott on my way to work and told him I was in a car accident. (I know, not very nice!) I went on and on and was even fake crying on the phone! At the end of the message I said, "April Fool's!". I then turned off my phone to go teach a class for an hour. Well, Scott got the message and only listened to the first few seconds of it, paniced and hung up. He attempted to call me several times with no luck and then began calling the High Way Patrol for the location of my accident! After my class, I called him and was like, "Hey babe..." He totally freaked out. I did say "April Fool's!" Lesson, always listen to the entire messages people leave for you! :)

This year I made For Sale signs and placed them in his car while he was at work! I said his car was for sale for $2100.00. So cheap! I hope people call him and want to see it. It'll totally throw him off!

Scott is the BEST at it. He has pulled some elaborate pranks in the past! Last year he made everyone believe at WCH that it was his last day of work. He had had it and wanted to move on. He played it so well....This year he out did himself! Yesterday he had his boss, Kathrine, sign some (fake) paperwork. This morning he said the paper work was incorrect and that after he has turned it in (for our family insurance) the company and the Fed's called him in about it. He made up this elaborate story about the Fed's investigating other staff members under the same policy from cheating. I just came back from the office and man everyone is dis trot over there. I walked in and everyone came up to me and apologized for what our family is going through. They all said they've never seen Scott like this. He's pail, and almost lifeless. HA! I had to leave, I was about to laugh my butt off! Scott also arranged for one of his friends, who is a police officer, to come and arrest him at work, in front of everyone. Scott did tell his boss, and it's about to go down any moment now! How crazy is that? He is the best!

I remember when I was young sitting at the table eating cereal before school, my Gram would all of a sudden shout out, "look, there's a cow in the backyard!" I believed her every time! What a little sneak she was!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL April Fool's Day!!