Monday, April 5, 2010

Arrow Of Light

On Wednesday the 31st was a very, very special day for our family in the Cub Scout world. Both Jackson and Will received many awards, but most importantly, Will received his Arrow of Light!
The night began with Jackson's troop telling jokes (as everyone was eating).

Then, Jackson's troop sang a couple Scouting songs and used their homemade instruments. It was really cute. Jackson had been practicing all week, and you could defiantly hear him sing.
Jackson received a 2 more silver arrows and 2 belt loops. (Citizenship and Communication)

After all the groups received their awards this Indian guy comes out in full uniform. It was awesome. All the kids, including the adults, thought it was pretty special.
Will was called up and the Indian guy did a special speech and ritual and then Will received his Weblos. (he also received Citizenship Belt Loop, Communicating, Outdoors man Activity Badge, Compass Emblem and 1 point)
Next Will, 2 other cub scouts and the parents all came up for another cool ritual about the Arrow of Light.

Will received a mother's pin, a badge, 2 pins, a feathered tie for his vest and this plaque.

Thank you Bryce family, and Zamora family for not only putting on an extra special evening, but more importantly helping my boys sign off requirements so they can receive awards.


Chandy said...

Congratulations to Will! What a great time for him to experience!

Ian just got in the Cub Scouts and we can't wait to help him get his requirements done as well!

rachel said...

Good Job Will!! and mom & dad! I know what those awards entail and I know it's a team effort! Way to go!