Thursday, April 8, 2010


One of my good friends, Jori, celebrated her 50th birthday! Some of my other friends and I planned a surprise party for her! It was fun planning it and fun being part of it! She is such a wonderful person, I admire her courage and determination. I am so blessed to have her as a friend of mine. And, it doesn't hurt that our kids play with each other too!

The party was held at her house, I know sounds strange, but her yard is perfect to host many children! I came and picked her up and blind folder her. I had told her a few other girls and I wanted to take her out to dinner. When we picked up the first friend, Jori had to ask yes or no questions and I would interpret the answers for her. It was fun to watch Jori guess the gal sitting in the car. We laughed and laughed, mainly at Jori because she had no idea what we were doing! See, the plan was to be back in 30 minutes. So, I had 30 minutes to kill. I only had 3 girls to pick up, so we had to waste time. I was driving slowly and in circles. We were all laughing. We picked up Liz, Brittney and Alicia. Silly Stephanie went to the Udall home (which was planned!) We drove back to the Udall's, Jori still blind folded). We all got out of the car and Jori began asking these random questions. Everyone was silent! It was awesome! All of a sudden we all shouted, "SURPRISE!!!" It was great! There were lots of friends and family there, and Scott grilled up some tri tip! YUM!

Thanks everyone for you help and THANKS Jori for having another birthday for us to all party! :)