Monday, April 5, 2010

Mini Goals Week 17

Yea baby! I did it and I'm glad it's over! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be going without sugar for the week. On the 4th day we received a huge box from my mom filled with Easter packages, candy, toys, DVD's, clothes...There was this small package of sour jelly beans. I popped one in my mouth and not a half a second a spit it out into my hand! Wow! That was a close one! On the 5th day I attuned the Blue and Gold banquet and had a nice dinner. I noticed they were bringing out cobbler. Yummy I thought, considering it's been forever since I had any. I walked over to the table picked up a plate and remembered I couldn't have it. Oh man! Then, on Sunday evening I slowly unwrapped a Cadbury egg from one of the boy's Easter baskets. As I was doing this Tyler, Gavin and Jack ran over and were staring at me. I took a small bite, that was heaven by the way! Tyler shouted out at me that I wasn't suppose to eat any candy! I smiled and reminded ALL the boys that the mini goal of no sugar was over and a whole new one begins!
My new goal for the week, which I an NOT excited about as all...But it will be a challenge to see IF I can actually do this, is NO CARBS!
Cry with me if you'd like! No breads, pasta, potatoes, rice....I have tears streaming down my face, do you? :)
Please wish me luck, I'm going to need it!