Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chores, the NEW way!!

I had a NEW idea for chores (this is how the boys earn their allowance each week).  We tried it out last Saturday and it was AWE-some!

We used to have this huge magnetic board with the chores on each little magnet and the chores changed every week. But on the move here, the board got all scraped up and some of the magnets broke. I was planning on making a new one, but we really don't have any room for a huge board in this house.

So here is the NEW plan. I took a few different ideas I heard out there in BLOG-Land and came up with this:

I typed up a list with ALL the chores with a few blanks at the bottom of the paper.  Each chore was assigned a different price. I placed the page in a sheet protector and we held a family meeting. The boys have to choose 4 different chores on the list, any of the ones that they want that are worth different amounts of money. Next, they can choose to do more chores for more money. Example: Sweep the front porch 50 cents; Take all the trash out 50 cents; Lysol 25 cents...If two or more boys want the same chore, then they make bids on it. If the chore is for $1.00 and Jack and Will both want it, I give it to whomever offers the least amount of money.

It was fun bidding and having the boys choose their own jobs to work on. They made more money than normal, but they're okay with that! (We usually pay our boys half their age. Will gets about $5.50, Jackson $4.50 and so on.)

We also can take away 25 cents or add 25 cents throughout the morning (and week) If the boys say a chore is complete and it's not...minus 25 cents. If one of the boys does a little 25cents.

We write all these notes on the sheet protector with a dry-eraser marker.

Here is a copy of our CHORE CHART.

Amount        Chore                                                                      Who?                Minus?
$1.50           Will's Bedroom (closet, drawers, desk, books) 
$1.50            Jack/Ty's Bedroom (closet, drawers, desk, books) 
$1.50            Nursery/Upstairs Bathroom (counters, mirrors, floors)
$1.00            Gavin's Bedroom (closet, drawers, desk, books)
$1.00            Collect all toys/clothing/trash around yard
$1.00            Sweep/mop kitchen
$1.00            Vacuum upstairs/stairs
$1.00            Vacuum downstairs/stairs
$1.00            Downstairs Bathroom (counters, mirrors, floors)
$1.00            Dishes (unload/load)
$1.00            Clean Garage
$0.75            Mom's car (trash, wipe down)
$0.50            Dad's car (trash, wipe down)
$0.50            Middle Bathroom (counters, mirrors, floors)
$0.50            Wash out Trash Cans/Add liners
$0.50            Walls in Kitchen
$0.50            Walls on Stairs going up
$0.50            Walls on Stairs going down
$0.50            Wipe Kitchen counters/stools/refr/ovens/micro
$0.25            All Trash/Recycle out
$0.25            All Laundry
$0.25            Sweep Patio/Deck
$0.25            Sweep Porch
$0.25            Lysol
$0.25            Windex (TV's and Computers)
$0.25            Disinfectant wipes (Clickers and Phones)

$0.50            Extra
$0.50            Extra
$0.25            Extra
$0.25            Extra

$20.00           TOTAL