Monday, December 13, 2010

Temple Square Lights

 Last night we went with 17 cousins to BEAUTIFUL temple square. It was pretty crowded, but worth the trip. There are so many lights and other decorations. We had a blast. Here is Schmitty (Greg) wearing his son's coat as a hat!
 The Thompson clan snappin' a shot in fron the temple where Scott and I were sealed! WHat a wonderful experience to share with the boys last night!

 Now he's wearing one of the GIRL cousin's head warmer. He is so much fun!
It was Alison's 13th birthday, so of course we all embarrassed her and sand "Happy Birthday" like 5 times!

We are so lucky to live close st so many temples here in the Salt Lake valley. It is a true blessing we live here and are able to share this with our children.