Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Decorations....

in my NEW home! It has been so much fun decorating and preparing for "the most wonderful time....of the year!"

Here is right when you walk into my home. A few nativities, the "Joy" sign I made last year, and Christmas blocks.

 Our REAL tree! This is the very first time our family has ever gotten a REAL tree, and it smells amazing! I decorated it in gold, Santa Claus, and burgundy berries. (I change the theme ever year!!)

 On the piano I have our Snowman collection, with a couple more nativities.
 The children's tree is up as well in front of another large window in our living room. It has on a bunch of ornaments from my Gram's Christmas shop and some other cute things the boys have made.
 And we have a fireplace to hang our stockings! How wonderful!!
 On the kitchen table to jazz up the eating area a bit.

And our new addition, the Little People Nativity set. We have it behind the couch where some other toys are located for Brigham and Nathan to play with.

The house looks great. I love this time of year. Nathan hasn't even pulled at any of the decorations or the tree!! Now, that is a Christmas miracle!


Corinna said...

looks beautiful!!

rachel said...

I love the decoration on top with the boys silhouettes. Darling! Great job!