Monday, December 13, 2010

Look who came to visit!!

In Gavin's preschool class SANTA came to visit!! I brought in Brigham and Nathan for the holiday party. It was fun to see the boys reactions to Santa. It's been a log time since they have seen him! Gavin went up, with no problem, sat on his lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas. Brig's was a little hesitant, but then hopped up and said something about Buzz and Woody. Now, Nathan on the other hand would have nothing to do with St. Nick! It was pretty cute.
It was a fun party!

One of the kids asked where his sleigh and reindeer were and Santa told the children that they were on the roof waiting for him. About 45 minutes later, after Santa had left, and were walking out to the car Gavin starts looking at the school's rooftop. He quickly realizes there are NO reindeer up there. He asks me to drive around to the back of the school, just in case! As were driving around searching for the sleigh and reindeer, another mom tells Gavin that we just missed him. Apparently he had to leave for his lunch break. "Oh, darn!" was Gavin's reply!

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Kara Miller said...

I can't believe how old Gavin is looking! Such a little man :)