Monday, May 2, 2011


Right now there is a lot happening. Isn't there always??
Here are a few things to update on:

Nathan is (finally) saying more words. He is just adorable!!

Tyler got a BB shot into his eye, and is finally doing better (after 5 long days!!) He has most of his vision back, but is still on bed rest for another day!

Went an entire week of NO SUGAR. Thank goodness that's over! I drank a soda and had a piece of chocolate cake last night!

Is feeling indifferent about the killing of Osama. I asked Scott last night, "isn't it wrong that we're happy that someone died?" He said without any hesitation, "NO!!"

Had family over for dinner last night and it was great. We had a great meal, great conversation. They are wonderful! LOVE YOU GALS!!

Is pondering about making my blog private and only allowing family and friends to read it. Please don't use my blog (which is like my journal writings) and try and use it against my family. duh!

Will finished Harry Potter and is THRILLED to see the movie.

I just started packing for a trip to Santa Barbara (THANK YOU mom for flying me and a couple of the boys out!!)

My garden is GROWING!! The compost is over half full! Love this time of year!

Saw "Young Frankenstein" the musical on Friday night. It was so fun and entertaining. Scott got me tickets to 4 shows for a Christmas present. It was fun dressing up and going out.

I have been teaching more and more lately and lovin' it! Had an early am spin class this morning that went really well.

Brig's burned his hand/wrist on our fireplace. Poor guy. He didn't even cry. So tough.

Had ladies night out on Thursday with 4 girlfriends from Santa Barbara. (we've all know each other since primary) We had such a fun evening! We pretty much got kicked out of the restaurant after staying there over 4 hours...

And I will end with talking about Scott. Man, is he one of the greatest people in the world. I am lucky to know him and to be married to him. He is such a hard worker, funny, honest, kind....A wonderful father and husband. He always puts me and the boys first. I love him so much. I always say I married up (he'll say the same thing! Another reason why I love him!) I love you babe! No matter what!


Brynn said...

haha. i love you!! and boy has your fam had lots. i hope you have fun in beautiful sunny cali!! i'll miss ya

rachel said...

Hey Lori, Love hearing all about your adventures if you do go private please count me in.

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

crazy busy just like us...only with less glad tyler's eye is sends her "every single day asking if she can see him again" thoughts! we miss you guys so much...i guess summer time meant more pool time which usually meant you guys! makes us homesick for all of you! have fun in cali!
i went private on my me a little more comfort in my writing...just send me an invite or i'll feel TOO homesick!