Monday, May 23, 2011


Oh man, I have totally neglected my blog. I have been super busy (what's new)! But, I'm back!!!

I am in charge of Service Club at the boys school and we had our last BIG event 2 weeks ago. It was time consuming, but super FUN. The children seemed to enjoy the last event!

Our school held their annual carnival, and it was huge! Scott had to work that day so it was me and the boys. I helped manage the ticket booth but when my time was up the other moms never showed and so I stayed and helped. The bigger boys took turns helping the little one play games and jump on the jumpers.

I am also in charge of the Mid-Week activities for my ward (which I totally LOVE!!) Melissa, the gal I work with, and I planned a pretty elaborate event honoring mothers. We took photos of each of the sisters in our ward, asked a few sisters to decorate a table centerpiece, speakers, musical numbers and homemade soups in bread bowls. It was a beautiful evening. Fun and uplifting.

I attended out monthly PTA meeting where we decided to host (the schools FIRST) 6th grade graduation ceremony. The principal was in charge of it but then changed her mind because she is retiring this year. Guess which (crazy) mom volunteered to be in charge of the entire shin-dig? You guessed it, ME! I've been working with the 6th graders in teaching them a couple songs to sing for the event. I also had try-outs for musical numbers and speeches. Just today I finished making the certificates the children will receive and the program for the event. It's going to rock!!

I've been out in the garden every chance I get, but it's raining a ton lately. It looks great! It's huge, I love it. We were all just out there moments ago "working" in it. We have so much fun in the garden it hardly seems like work. I do love that we can all go out there and all the boys help. Some like to work in the compost, others with the ditch water and some loves to find weeds and pull them out.

I got a Kindle for Mother's Day and I can't seem to put that down either. Every extra chance I get I flip it on and read! LOVE IT!! I'm on my 3rd book and hope that everyone either gets a Kindle or an IPad! Seriously!! I've watched less TV and played less on the computer because of it.

I am still a crazy coupon-er and found some great deals these past couple of weeks. Just today I went to Wal-Greens and purchased 2 boxes of cereal, a Gillette Fusion razor, Tylenol Precise, shaving cream, hair Scunci's, Complete contact eye solution, Carefree Pantiliners, Q-Tips and some bandages. Of course they were all on sale and I had coupons for each item. I paid $8.47 and received $12.00 in Register Rewards (that I'll use on my next trip!)SCORE!! 

Hmm... I feel like I am forgetting stuff....Oh well. Can't be that important, right?