Monday, April 16, 2012

Circus Circus

 Circus Circus is a must when the Thompson's come to Vegas. We love, love, love it there! I always find coupons and deals and off we go! There are tons of rides for all my boys! We walked around the dome all together and then split up. I took the little ones and Scott took the big boys. Brigham was shy an inch or two of the water ride and 2 other up side down rides. He was devastated, but I was relieved. He's only 4!!

 Gavin went on this ride with Scott...Doesn't look too bad...
 ...this is what it does! YIKES!!
We played some carnival games and won several small prizes. Nathan wouldn't let go of his 3 platypuses.
We had a very fun day! THANKS Circus Circus!!