Friday, April 27, 2012

Guitar Playing

 Yep, I bought myself a guitar! I was inspired last week while watching Shark Tank. Have you seem this show? Love it. Some of the products are lame, other are pretty cool, but this was the first time I told Scott "I want that!!". It was $49.99, but using several of my Swag Bucks I paid only $4.00 for this handy-dandy gadget called The Chord Buddy. You attached it onto a guitar. All you have to do it press ONE button and it'll play a chord for you. Yes, of course it's cheating. But, I LOVE it! I can now play thousands of songs by using this great little invention! I searched KSL and Craislist for some cheap guitars and found this beauty! Yesterday we went to picked her up. Will, Scott and I had a blast playing several real songs. The other boys had a fun time strumming their own tunes as well.


NIKOL said...

That's pretty sweet. I might want to get one of those myself.

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

no way! we need 8 of those at my house :) we bought 4 guitars and madi's getting really good but the rest of us kind of gave up :) so cool!