Monday, April 9, 2012

One of the saddest things I can't to anything about!

     I was driving around this afternoon running a couple errands when a car pulled in front of me, of course going slow, so I pulled into the other lane. As I am passing I notice she has a cigarette in her mouth and she's waiting for the cigarette lighter in her car to get hot enough to lite her cig.
     Now, let me make something perfectly clear. Everyone sins. Everyone has weaknesses. Everyone has vices. Most of ours are probably not as noticeable as this ladies, but we are all in the same boat and are human.
     I still judged her because she was smoking and probably said she was an idiot or stupid under my breath. As I slowed down to stop at the light I looked over again and saw this adorable 3 maybe 4 year old baby girl day dreaming out the window. Right next to her was a 1 year old sister. All the windows are up except for the ugly lady who had hers cracked maybe 3 inches. How nice of her.
    I was in shock. Literally. I could not believe how anyone would be so cruel and smoke with people so close to them. Especially your own baby children who have no voice of their own. Again, we all sin and have addictions. BUT we don't have the right to push our consequences onto other people. Especially our own children. Our own flesh and blood.
     The next light I turned into Joann's and parked for several minutes wondering if that really just happened. Mrs. Ugly sat in her car so nonchalant. I sat there and balled my eyes out. Saddened for the ugly lady. And especially saddened for those beautiful girls. It took a while to get a hold of myself and went inside. Still thinking about how wrong and illegal that was, the tears kept streaming down my face. I must of looked like a lunatic. Still puzzled that people actually do that?
     On my drive home I kept praying that the Lord would forgive the ugly lady and bless those children of God. When I arrived home I hugged each of my beautiful boys, kissed them and told them I love them.
     I promise you, myself, my boys, and the Lord I will do better to be a better mother.


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

oh lori!!! you are an amazing mother...i always reassure my weaknesses by reminding myself that each generation grows up better than the last...thus...our children will be so much wiser and better than us, and it will continue forever hopefully that way! it's so hard to see the hardships little ones are put in and have no control over! my heart's with you!

NIKOL said...

You're the best, you know that? You inspire me to do more and be more for my kids!

Also, good heavens those pregnancy hormones are doing a number on you.

rachel said...

That is really sad. Unfortunately there are many things that happen in our society that force children into things that aren't fair/right. All we can do is help who we can where we can. You are fantastic at this and it's always awesome to see great people become even greater. I know you will.