Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Sunday

 After church on Sunday the boys changed their clothes and hunted to find their baskets. After the boys all found them, we went to the backyard for our annual Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza. There were tons of eggs hidden in the yard, all over the yard. All with candy, except 3. Two silver eggs and $2.00 and a golden egg had $5.00 inside. I let the little ones out a few minutes ahead of the big boys, but the big boys still found them all!

 All the boys got candy in their baskets with a few eggs that held some change in them. Each of them received a small gift from the bunny. Nathan and Brigham received bubbles and chalk. Gavin and Tyler received a DVD they both wanted. Jackson received this cool hat he;s been asking for. And will wanted new shades (because he's cool like that!)

 This picture of Will gets me, bad. He looks like a teenager! Almost a missionary! Crazy how times flies!
Sweet Nathan wanted nothing to do with the egg hunt. He was too busy eating all his candy out f his basket. And Brigham could care less about the silver and gold eggs, all he wanted was the candy. He found 3x as many eggs as the other boys!
Earlier that morning 5 of the boys sang in church with the other Primary kids. They sang beautifully!  After all the egg hunts we ate ham, twice baked potatoes, veggies, homemade rolls... Delicious!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

It's got to be since you live with Will but the last few photos of him on here have made my heart a bit sad too! He does look like a very young missionary. Definitely a young man! Can't believe how grown up he is!