Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slot Canyons

 Half way through our Spring break Scott left with the 3 big boys to go camping with the Scout troop to the Slot Canyons in southern Utah. I knew they would have a fun time and the scenery would be magnificent. I was thrilled with the pictures from the trip! They took on a small doofy little camera, and they still came out beautifully!

 A huge turn out of leaders and youth. I think Scott said only 2 youth weren't able to attend! We are so blessed with such a fantastic ward!

 Dinosaur footprints!

Scott, Jackson and Tyler slept together in a tent while Will slept in a cave they found with some other boys. Everyone had a great time, which I am thrilled to hear. They all came home filthy dirty and stinky. That tells you right there they had a great time! :)

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Elizabeth said...

I know the top pic is calf creek...but which slot did they go to? Looks fun....I love southern Utah!!