Monday, November 19, 2012


What's easier? Getting 7 children and myself dressed and ready for church, or not going at all.

This past Sunday, Scott left super early for work and I had the kids. We were all awake and slowly getting ready for church. I kept telling the kids over and over again to get their tie brush their comb their hair.

Sometimes I feel like it would be MUCH easier to just stay my PJ's...watching football.

Yeah, it WOULD be easier in that moment, but NOT worth it. We were late, but we were all there. The boys had nice (matching) outfits on. Everyone's hair was handsomely combed and all their teeth were brushed. I should get an award!

There are many times in life that I don't really want to do something because its too hard and would be a heck of a lot easier to not do it. BUT, it's just not worth the blessings that would be lost if I chose to not do it.