Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Robbery Update

WOW! It's been only one week since we had an intruder enter my home and steal my purse, and so many great things have happened since then.

We, of course, cancelled all credit cards. Installed new top of the line infrared cameras around our home, bought padlocks for the two side gates, and added another lock to the side door of the garage. We also have had several discussions with the boys about this whole situation. We close the sliding gate to our long driveway at night and also activate the door/window alarm at night.

I, finally, have been sleeping better. I, finally, feel better. I, finally, am myself again with a touch of "if you try this again I'll kill you" added to it.

On Wednesday morning, I received a call from a SLC police officer that my drivers licence and debit card had been apprehended from a suspect. YAY!! He told me 3 individuals tried to buy some stuff at a pawn shop and ran out during the processing of the debit card. While on my way downtown to the police department to pick up my drivers licence and debit card, I stopped at the pawn shop to thank them. They updated me with new information while I was there. About 20 minutes before my arrival one of the guys came back into the store to retrieve "his" items of purchase. The police quickly returned to the store and arrested him.

I also was able to watch the surveillance video of the 3 theifs. Two men with long straggly hair, about 40 years old and definite druggies and a 50-ish year old woman with short, curly, reddish-brown hair. Their faces will be forever engraven on my mind!
After the police department, I stopped off at a 7-Eleven where my card was used before the pawn shop. They pulled the surveillance video and receipt for me as well. Same scum bags. The 7-Eleven guy knows one of the men and that man lives right around the corner in the apartments. HELLO!
Later that night I headed to the tobacco store and a thrift store to check with them about receipts and surveillance cameras. Both stores had receipts and cameras!! Nice! Yes, call me a detetive!! 

Here's the funny thing, she signed HER name everytime on the dotted line. Dumb. Thieves are dumb!

On Friday, our case was handed over to a detective and we met with him yesterday(Monday). He had already found the 2 guys in the videos and questioned them. He also knows of the woman, who has a record, and LIVES NEARBY IN ANOTHER NEIGHBORHOOD!!! Two streets south to be exact!

Detective Knight told us that her boyfriend has a record (scum as well) and her 20-something son also has a record. Lovely family values they all share! The detective thinks it was either the son and/or boyfriend that did the actual breaking and entering.
This is the crazy part, every time Miss Nasty thief lady used my debit card it's a felony. EACH TIME. She used it 5 times. $7 here, $14 there. Again, thieves are dumb!

The breaking and entry is a class 2 felony.
Stealing is only a misdemeanor.
Using someone else's credit/debit card is a class 3 felony, EACH TIME.

I am excited and relieved that we are making so much progress on this. It is finally giving me some closure.