Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

 As usual, the Halloween season was jam packed with fun parties and activities. On Halloween morning, the kids had their Halloween parade at Rosecrest Elementary School; which is always fun to watch.
Brigham was a pirate (the same costume Will was when he was in Kindergarten) and Brigham is still in pre-school!
 Cute Nathan was a football player, just like his older brothers!
 Jackson was a vampire...And Tyler wore his football uniform as his costume.
After the parade, were Halloween parties galore! We started in the preschool room with Nathan and Brigs.

Later that afternoon, we headed to Trick 'r Trunk in our neighborhood. Next, we headed to our cousin Angie's house for homemade root beer and chili.
Gavin dressed like a doctor for school, but wanted to be a zombie too. Scott decided to dress up and do the same thing!

Cute Preston was a dragon and a giraffe. I bought a darling Pea costume, but it didn't end up fitting. He's so tall! Half the day he wore the dinosaur (Will, Jackson and Tyler did too for their first Halloween!) But blew it out and we had to change into the giraffe costume. I wore all black, added some glittery makeup and huge fairy wings. Done. Easy. Fun.

Trick or treating was fun. We headed to a neighborhood near our cousins' house where there are a lot of rich people. They handed out full size candy bars to the kids!
The house above had a scary witch, and Nathan was about to abort when he saw her. We coxed him onto the porch.  

About an hour into trick or treating we were able to get this shot with the three little ones together (the 3 big boys had taken off with friends and were gone for another 2 hours). Everyone had huge bags full of candy. It was a fun Halloween!