Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A couple nights ago I was robbed. Someone came through the side door of my garage and stole my purse and Tyler's backpack in the middle of the night. While I was sleeping. While my seven babies were sleeping. It makes me sick to think how vulnerable we all were and are. It took me several hours to come to the conclusion it must of been taken.

Scott, however, was adamant that that was impossible. I prayed, retraced my steps and knew there was no other possible conclusion. I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned, thinking of the unknown. And then it came to me. They took my purse and hid it in the backpack. That wouldn't look as suspicious. Smart.

I called the police out and they did nothing. Took my statement and that's it. I showed him the door and thought he'd take fingerprints. Nope. He said he couldn't see any. Um...That doesn't seem right!

We went out and bought new locks, installed a new 360 degree, infrared security system, talked to neighbors, and with the kids. I received a call around 2:30pm from this cute little old man and he said he found my planner by Tanner Park (5 streets north of my house!) We took off and headed that way. My planner and 2 savings cards were there. I started walking through the park and down the street where I found lots of my things. Dumb things like coupons, receipts, papers and savings cards. Every time I'd pick up a coupon that I cut out and put in my purse, I'd clinch my teeth and spew out harsh words for the culprit. Then after the next coupon I'd pick up, I'd get a tear in my eye and just wonder why this happened to me.

Ugh. So frustrating. I feel mad. I was violated. I feel upset and want to find this criminal. I feel unsafe in my own home. So frustrating. I found another person's social security card and another person's credit card in a bush! I'm heading back to that bush later today.

I keep checking craigslist and KSL for my Prada bag and the 2 Disneyland tickets I had inside. Nothing.

I talked with the boys about it several times and never showed them that I was scared in the least. I talked to them about how wrong stealing is and how mean it is to the victim.

I called Bill and told him I want a gun. I have NEVER wanted a gun in my home. But, things change. I don't know if it was a crackhead looking for $20, a stupid teenage game just to see what they could loot, or he wanted to harm any of us. I won't let that happen again. Does it seem like too much for a normal person to want to get a gun? Does it seem impulsive? I don't think so. I'll do ANYTHING to keep my family safe!


Kara Miller said...

I know the exact way you feel! We bought a gun after our two bikes were stolen, and the catalytic converter was CUT out of our 4Runner's engine. All separate incidents. I feel safter knowing that if anyone tried to harm us or come into our home, I could protect us. I sleep much better at night. I am so sorry this happened to you Lori :(

rachel said...

Alaskans say it this way,"An armed society is a polite society". However I am from a rural community that doesn't like guns but I am closer and closer to taking the Alaskan view. We had a Relief Society event where we went to the shooting range last January. A lot of the men here say they want their wives to be a better shot than them. It's really scary. I hope you were able to cancel all credit cards/debit cards and find some peace of mind. I am sorry.

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

so scary...sadly, you never feel the same again! we have a gun...never thought that day would come...gonna shop for another one for Jace to take with him when he travels so I can still have one at the house. With him out of town all of the time I'd hate to be caught empty handed! Glad you're all okay!