Wednesday, April 24, 2013

St. George

Over spring break I wanted to head somewhere warm. Somewhere we could play outside. Somewhere we could go swimming. We decided to head to St. George for 3 short, wonderful days.

We always stop off in Beaver for some squeaky cheese and a short rest. We arrived in St. George and it was beautiful. The weather was mid 70's and we couldn't change our clothes fast enough to jump into the pool.

Later that evening we headed to Pioneer Park. It was a couple of miles from our timeshare and totally worth the stop. The views were breathtaking. It was so beautiful with the red rock surrounding us. The boys climbed and climbed.

The next day we headed to see the temple close-up and went on a tour of Brigham Young's winter home. It was very interesting, even the boys liked it!

Next we were off to Snow Canyon where we spent most of the day hiking. There are a ton of different hikes, trails and fun things for the boys to do.

Here they all are climbing away.

Will longboarded all the way down, which was super fun for him. At the very bottom a ranger stopped us and said it was illegal to longboard in the park...Oops! We apologized and promised not to ride again! He could have written us a ticket, but thank goodness he didn't!

There is an awesome drink shack called, "Swig". Every time we drove by there was a huge line, so we had to try it. There were sodas, shakes, cookies, iced teas, shaved ice....It was worth the wait!

Right before we headed back to SLC we stopped off at the park again. It was a blast and good for the boys to run around before sitting in the car for 4 straight hours!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

oh man! my parents, grandparents, and sister live right there! makes me miss ALL of you!