Thursday, April 25, 2013


A few months ago, Scott was walking into work and asked a co-worker and friend what he was doing as he walked past. The friend answered something like "just getting in some B-O-M time..." Scott walked past him and continued down to his workstation in the ER.  It was then that he stopped dead in his tracks. This friend was not LDS and Scott wasn't sure what else BOM could stand for, besides Book of Mormon. He went back to ask more questions and sure enough, his non-LDS co-worker was reading the Book of Mormon. This instantly grabbed Scott's attention and thus began many conversations and questions answered about the gospel.

A few months later he had a strong desire to be baptized and asked Scott to preform this wonderful ordinance. Of course, Scott agreed and was honored to do so.

It was such a unique experience for me, never meeting this guy before this special day. As I watched him I could tell he was little nervous and excited, like a child. It was powerful to watch a grown man choose the gospel of Jesus Christ in his life. His face lit up as he entered the waters of baptism and continued after the ordinance was performed.

Such a wonderful day! Such a beautiful experience!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

Uhm...and one of the greatest photos of a baptism I have ever seen! Your camera skills are so amazing!