Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Will!!!

My sweet Will turned 11 years old today! Happy, happy birthday big guy! I brought donuts so he could celebrate with his class this afternoon. When everyone was done with homework we opened gifts. Scott and I got him this automatic BB gun. He just loves it. Scott gave him his Swiss army knife that Scott received when he became a boyscout. Will was super excited for that too.

The boys got him a bucket of BB's and a small BB gun.

Will is such a wonderful young man. HE is so hard-working and kind. He is always helping and caring for his little brothers and friends. I can always count on him when doing chores or getting something extra special done for me. He pulls straight A's and has his entire elementary school days. He gets 100% on all his spelling tests and 95-100% on other subjects. He loves playing games and playing outside. I am so thankful to have in my family.
I LOVE YOU WILL!!!!!!!!!!