Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peaches Galore!

One of my neighbors invited us over to pick some peaches and pears from her trees in her backyard. I took a couple bags to fill and left with, literally, boxes full of them. AS we left the tree didn't even have a dent in it. There were still a ton on them both. I waited a day for them to ripen a little more then I started bottling them up. I ended up bottling 18 full bottles and froze 10 medium size Zip Lock baggies.

It was fun and easy and I am excited I am finally getting into canning and food storage better. I can't wait till winter comes!


Alissa said...

You are so incredible!LOOK at those peaches...so many! What a nice neighbor to share with you!!!! I can't wait until we are all "grown up" and get a house with fruit trees in the backyard, I've always wanted to grow & pick my own fruit! Looks like fun, you'll have to teach me how to can sometime!!!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

CONGRATULATIONS. Looks so yummy. I love peaches