Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wii Tournament Sleepover

For Jackson's party he wanted what Will did last year, a Wii Tournament Sleepover. He had over 20 4th graders at our house for the party. It was wild and crazy, but also a lot of fun! We went in the back yard first and ate pizza and drank juice. Then we went downstairs for the tournament. Groups of four children went up and competed against each other. We started with bowling then went onto winter Olympic games and ended with snowball fights. During the tournament we came upstairs for a little break with water and candy. We ate cupcakes and opened gifts. At 9pm all the girls and a few of the boys left. We ended up with only 5 boys sleeping over. (which was nice to have such a small group!) Scott stayed downstairs with the boys and in the morning I made everyone breakfast. It was a lot of fun!


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jenna♥devon said...

What a wonderful party! You are sure good at that! Cupcakes look super yummy. Awesome job Lori!