Friday, December 16, 2011

The treeS are up!

 Every year I decorate the tree differently. I've done a bear tree, an Americana tree, a red theme tree, a Santa tree....This year it was a candy tree. I bought most of the ornaments at Target last year for 75% off! Screaming deal! It turned out pretty good. The tree itself is gorgeous! It is literally the most perfect tree. It smells great and is so fresh we have to water it every day with 2 huge glasses of water. The needles haven't even started to fall off, it's that fresh! LOVE IT!! After we sawed it down we cut another 3 feet off to fit into our living room.

 I allowed the boys to go through some of my non-breakable ornaments to decorate their tree with. It was cute to watch them choose their own theme for their tree.

Here is the other boys tree. Both turned out adorable!
Great job boys!

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Stephanie Shumway said...

YOU'VE done an AMERICANA treee??? When did you turn over the new leaf and decide to become patriotic all of the sudden??? ;) Love the candy ideas- and the boys' trees. How fun! We'll be in UT for a few days just in case you have a trip to Provo planned near Christmas :) we like games :) A LOT.......