Saturday, December 24, 2011


 We headed to the JSMB (Joseph Smith Memorial Building) downtown yesterday for a violin performance for Gavin. The building is so beautiful. The tree was breath taking and everything was decorated so nicely. We were there a little early so we walked around and took it all in. As we were walking around I saw one of President Hinckley's sons. I asked if he was Kathy's brother and he quickly said yes! I introduced myself "My name is Lori Thompson and Richard Walker is my uncle. Richard's first wife, Margene is my mom's sister." (My uncle married Kathy Hinckley). He said he had just spoken to them both this morning. (Richard and Kathy are living in England serving a mission for the church as the MTC President!) I am sorry to say i can't remember his name, but he looks just like the prophet and was incredibly nice to us.
 Even the ceilings are gorgeous!

What a FUN morning we had together!

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rachel said...

What a cool experience! I love that building. Thanks for the pictures it brings back fun memories!