Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Morning!!

 What a wonderful Christmas it was this year! We are so blessed with wonderful family that lives so close and comes to visit often, good health and lots of great presents!!
 Cute Nathan received lots and lots of Mickey mouse stuff. Plush, games, books, a blanket...He was in heaven. His favorite gift was a huge box of large Lego's! Thanks Nana!!
 I gave my mom several pieces of jewelry this year. I made her some earrings, and I had a friend of mine make her a necklace and also a bracelet. The bracelet was made out of sea glass we collected last summer in Santa Barbara!
 Will mad out like a fat rat this year...what's new! He got a phone, an X-Box, a kindle and tickets to see Myth Busters later in January.
 I found this HUGE Reese's and knew I had to get it for Scott. He loved it!
 An amazing art set from Nana!
 Yes, Will is crying that he got the X-Box from Nana. I told him earlier i would NOT buy him that game. :) Worked like a charm! He was so surprised!
 My Utes and Jets fans!! Tyler also received a U of U fleece blanket.
 The three big boys all received Kindles! I am thrilled about that because every night they're using MINE and now I'm behind on my reading goal!
 THOR hammers!!

 Tons and tons of movies...Thanks Mom!!
AND the little ones received that flying shark thing. They were over the moon excited about it! Those two have been talking about this toy for months!
I also had a great Christmas!! I received new pots and pans, other fun kitchen tools, bubbles baths and lotions, some jewelry, an I-Pad ( I took that back and bought myself  a camera!! A Canon T2i with an extra wide lens  18-135mm!!!) SCORE!!
As tradition, we made a prime rib roast for dinner with garlic Parmesan smashed potatoes, brown sugar buttered carrots, Martinelli's and a homemade Red Velvet cake! YUM!!