Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Canyons

 We went skiing again on Wednesday, and it was fantastic! It was 50 degrees and so beautiful at the Canyons resort! Unfortunately there isn't much snow, half the runs are closed due to so little snowfall. But that ok for me because I only ski on greens and a selected few blues!

We were there all day and had a blast together! Will and Jackson have both been there before and they showed me around. Our last run run Will and I went down a blue hill and it was a little scary at first, but then it became my favorite hill! It was a blast! Will kept yelling to me "Pizza mom, pizza!!" So cute!!
I am really surprised how much I am enjoying skiing. It is so much FUN! I can't wait for the boys to get a little older and we can all go skiing together. It's an expensive activity, but worth it!