Friday, December 16, 2011

Cutting down the TREE

 We went with some family and friends from Santa Barbara to cut down our Christmas tree this year up near Park City, UT. It was such a FUN morning, very cold (12 degrees), but fun! We drove past Park City, up through Kamas and went another 20 miles up in the wilderness to find the perfect spot. We would of stopped much earlier, but we were following the Kimball family and they knew where the perfect spot was located!
 After parking, the kids played in the snow while some of the adults went hiking deeper into the forest to find the perfect tree. And we did! Scott found it and sawed it down. We all helped drag it back to the car. I wanted this one, but it was a tad too small. :)

 Here are the Boyce's cutting down their perfect tree!

 Here is everyone (over 50 people) with all our beautiful trees. They had a chain saw to trim the trees down a bit and a huge trailer to haul them back to Provo. We tied ours to the suburban. We ate donuts and drank hot chocolate and the kids still sledded and played.
The boys found a few other smaller trees they wanted for their rooms. Looks like a Charlie Brown tree, sad little thing.
It was fun and hard but worth it.

THANK YOU Kimball family for all the help!!