Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg hunt

 We were invited to attend a neighborhood egg hunt this morning. followed by a pot luck lunch. The hunt was held at the Towers backyard. It's a nice large spacious area, perfect for an Easter egg hunt! There were 20 kids and 12 adults. It was a lot of fun.
 They let out the kids that were under 3 years old first. Naters and Brigs were in that group and were so excited to collect eggs and place them in their bags.
 Two minutes later ages 4-6 were let out. Gavin ran full steam ahead and found some "lucky" eggs.
 By the time the bog boys made it out Nathan had already found his 10, was sitting at the kids table eating his candy. So dang cute!

 There were 2 huge eggs found and Will found one of them. He was thrilled!
The eggs had candy, silly bands, poppers and other small toys. They kids LOVED it! And it was fun to watch! We then all ate a yummy lunch together!