Thursday, April 7, 2011

Puppy Love and Poo

Weird Combo, I know. but I just have to share with you a couple stories. One about puppy love and another about poo. (Not as gross as it may sound!!)

Let's start with the adorable puppy love story starring Gavin. He is such a ladies man. He has been a flirt since he was a few months old. He loves playing with his girl neighbors, girl cousins and girl classmates. (Which is funny in itself because when he's with the brothers he's Mr. macho man and tries to wrestle, tackle and pounce on the older ones.) Anyways, for the past school year there have been three girls in his preschool class that have all had a major crush on Gavin. Gavin likes those girls too. Sometimes it causes fights (which turn into tears) between the girls in class. Gavin can only play with or sit by 1 or 2 at a time! I asked him the other day if Tilly (the main girl) and him were boyfriend and girlfriend. He makes this face like I had just stated the most disgusting thing ever and shouts NO! Then he says, I just want to marry her, mom! Adorable! So, today Tilly is at our house for (Another) play date and as I'm making the (lovebirds) lunch she says to me, "My dad tells me I need to think more about marrying Gavin"! Why I ask (trying not to laugh). "My dad says I am too young and have time to think about it"! Adorable! They are downstairs watching Tom and Jerry. Maybe I should check on them! Well, Naters is down there (chaperoning!)
Now the poo story. My cousin Glenn told this to me and it makes great sense. I was reminded about it  yesterday when Will was showing me a commercial for a war/military movie that is coming out soon. (He LOVES all that stuff!) It looked pretty cool, but it was rated R. Then the poo story came to mind. I told him about another family where the kids also wanted to see an R rated movie. (It was kinda like the one Will wanted to see. No sex, no bad language just violent). The mom of that other family made 2 kinds of brownies that night for FHE. One regular, yummy, gooey ones and another batch with a tiny spoonful of their dog's poop. At FHE she explained that there was a tiny bit of poop in the batch on the red plate. Not enough to hurt you, but it's in there. Of course everyone thought that was gross and only wanted to eat the brownies (with NO poop) from the blue plate. Sure that R rated movie only has a little violence (poop) but it's rated R so no, you can't see it. I think it's a great analogy, but Will said he still wants to see it. I told him he could, when he returned from his mission! (He didn't think that was funny!)
So there you have it some puppy love and some poo!