Saturday, April 16, 2011

SLC Half Marathon

One of my most favorite cousins, Bubbles, ran the Salt lake City half marathon this morning! I am so proud of her! She just recently started running and she never thought she could do it. I never doubted!! She ran her fastest run too! Also, a big shout out to Amy (another wonderful cousin) that ran with her! Great job ladies!!
It was so fun being there this morning. Some of the boys and I painted some signs and wanted to surprise her. We waited on the sidelines for about 30 minutes cheering on some of the other competitors. The marathon ended in the Gateway (outdoor) mall. The main street of the mall was divided into to lanes. One, for the half marathon runners and the other half for the marathoners. It was really neat being in the crowd and feeling the awesome vibe.
Again, I am so proud of Bubbles! You go girl!!