Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Callings

I received two new callings a couple months ago and have wanted to write about it and never got around to it. Today I was reminded again to write this post because Scott was called in a new position at church. (He had 4 callings!! So when they called us last week to meet we were stumped!)
Scott (was a Gospel Doctrine teacher, High Priests teacher, something with scouting and something else) but now he was called to be the Scoutmaster. What a wonderful calling for him! He will be great in this new adventure! (At church they didn't release him which was kinda funny. They said they would so he will only have 1 calling!)

I was in the primary and was called to help in the Relief Society as the monthly Newsletter coordinator and I team up with another sister and we're in charge of the Mid-Week activities. And that's what I wanted to post about. Our presidency wanted us to plan at least 6 months in advance but we ended up going all the way to January of 2012! The Presidency wants us to focus on these four themes as we decide and plan the monthly activities. Relationship with God, Relationship with our fellow men, Relationship with our family, and Relationship with ourselves.

In March we planned a "get to know you" activity along with a small Birthday Bash (the RS birthday!) We handed out bags for the sisters to bring with them on the night of the event. They could put whatever they wanted to inside to help us learn most about them. It was a very fun evening.

In April we did a "Women's Health Night". We met all together and handed out water bottles with a scripture tied to it (D&C 89:18-20) we also had the sisters write down their names for a drawing. (We had 5-$5 gift cards to Subway Sandwiches) There were 4 mini classes provided that ended up being about 12 minutes long. A nutritionist spoke about the food pyramid, healthy snacks, water and calcium intake. She also brought fliers and snacks to share with everyone.
Another class was exercise. How much, how often and what kids.
The third mini class was a Meditation/relaxation class and she showed us how to rub our our hands and find the pressure points that would help relieve stress.
The fourth class was taught by a doctor and he spoke about different tests women need to make sure and get and when. An overall health look at a women's body no matter what the age is.
It was a very fun and enlightening evening.

For May we have planned "A Mother's Tribute". We're having four sisters talk to us for about 5 minutes about a mother that has inspired them. Were serving different soups in bread bowls and having pictures of (as many) sisters from our ward as we can on the big screen showing through the evening. Each table will have a different center piece about some kind of Motherly theme. (sewing and crafts, cooking and baking, infant and baby stuff, gardening and canning, and a pampering center piece. There is a beautiful song that a sister is going to sing and another funny poem about motherhood. It should be a fun evening as well.

Here are some other upcoming fun mid-week activities:
June "Service Auction and Humanitarian Aid" (We're auctioning off services to other sisters and were decorating scrap book pages for Primary Children's Hospital)

July "FabuLESSly Frugal" I'm heading a deals, coupons, and budget class.

August (the other ward is in charge of)

September "Cultural Arts Dinner" Decorating each table from a different country and having a pot luck of foods from different countries.

October "Super Saturday Craft Day"

November a Christmas themed evening. A Spiritual evening with dinner provided.

December "A New Year. A New Spirit" Getting ready for the new year by setting goals for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in our lives.

I am thrilled about this calling and can't wait for these fun, uplifting and enriching experiences!