Saturday, April 23, 2011

More fun at Yellowstone

 We drove around most of the upper western part of the park and saw many, many animals and geysers. It was weird because some parts of the ground had piles of snow 5 feet high and then across the street there was zero snow. (Because of the warmth from the geysers.)
  TylWaiting at Old Faithful, and man was it coooold that day!
er hanging out with one of the townsmen.

 Papa and I hanging out at another hot spot. We had to hike to this place, which was pretty easy hike, and fun!
We drove through Utah, through Idaho and stayed in Montana at our Time Share. Then we drove into Wyoming to go to Yellowstone. It was pretty fun for the kids to drive through so many states. Here, were at the halfway mark between the equator and the north pole. Pretty cool!