Monday, April 25, 2011

Last little bit of Yellowstone...

 There were buffalo, everywhere. Just roaming in the middle of the street...At first we were all kinda scared then realized it's totally normal in Yellowstone!

 We hiked several times during our short vacation. Here we hiked to some hot springs and to the Mammoth Geyser.
 To think, I traveled with ALL theses BOYS!! Even so, I had a blast with each and every one of them! Cute picture of them all!! I sure am lucky!
 I know we were not (technically) suppose to touch the water, but we all wanted to. It was pretty warm, not boiling like at some other parts of the park.

 Even Naters thought it was pretty trippy to see huge animals right outside his window!
 We went on one hike, which was probably the most fun. There was no snow anywhere, except for on the small wooded ramp that you're suppose to walk on. It was extra slippery and your legs kept falling through if you didn't step directly in the center of the snowy path. So we hikes on top of 4-5 feet snow looking at different geysers and wilderness. Here is Papa next to some of the heaping snow we had to climb.

 Everyday we went swimming in the pool, many times a day. It was a huge indoor pool with a kids pool and two Jacuzzis. (Even Papa came in with us one time!!) We'd be sitting in the nice warm jacuzzi and then run outside and lay in the snow. And repeat. FUN!