Sunday, January 6, 2013

Always learning...

This week I have learned a few new things, which I am very thankful for.

One. I learned that inspiration will completely halt if I watch a kinda bad movie. I've been (finally) putting my book together. Ideas have been flowing and I dream of new things every night. It's been awesome, until I watched (this stupid) movie. Since then, I can't get those thoughts out of my head and and inspiration for my book has completely stopped. Ugh.

Good news though. I learned a great lesson. I won't take the help of the spirit for granted. It's helped me reply more on the Lord.

Two. Trying to teach the boys new scriptures and memorizing them gets hard at times. Okay, most of the time. I had this genius idea to incorporate memorization and dessert together. Every one received a small scoop of ice cream. If they could recite, verbatim, an Article of Faith or other scripture they could get another scoop. The younger boys had to sing a primary hymn. Needless to say, we went through an entire gallon of ice cream! Trying to prepare those missionaries is a daily chore in and of itself. But, it made it easier with ice cream.

Three. I love music and singing. I am the primary chorister in my ward and I love it. They sang "Scripture Power" and held their scriptures up in the air and sang loud and strong this afternoon. It moved me. I am having them sing in Sacrament Meeting once a month. Music is so wonderful and powerful.

Four. Another easy-peasy recipe I found on Pinterest. I've been making new dinners that the boys enjoy and are yummy. Our ward has changed to 1pm (ugh!) so it makes meals a little tougher. So, I decided every Sunday is now a "Crock Pot Dinner Sunday"! Before I left for church I put spaghetti sauce, cooked meat, noodles, more sauce and cream cheese into the crock pot. By the time we returned home it was ready and was delicious!

There were other little things I learned, but that's what stood out to me.

Side note...I am thankful for Justin Beiber (weird I know...wait there's more!) He was here in the valley last night for a concert and before his concert he headed to Primary Children's Hospital to visit a sweet cancer patient, Millie. Most everyone in my ward knows her and her family. It was a real big deal here in SLC that he showed up. I got chills seeing the pictures of them together. She is over the moon happy. Thank you Justin!