Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am one lucky lady to have a son like Will.

Will is my 13 year old, my oldest. He has always been a good kid, but now he's turning into a good man.

Will is taking all honor classes at Evergreen Jr. Last year, when he was a 7th grader, he was enrolled in all Honor Classes as well. Will is pulling a 4.0.

Will is into many different sports and loves trying new things. He snowboarded for the first time last season and loved it. He boarded down double black diamond runs. This year he wanted to try out skiing, which he now loves too. After a couple times of skiing he taught himself to ski backward. Now he's working on jumps.

In the fall he played on an Olympus Football team and ran track. The only kid to do both at the same time! Now, he's playing on a basketball team and wrestles for Evergreen. Again, the only kid to play 2 sports at the same time.

In the spring he wants to tryout for the golf team and play Lacrosse.

Will was recently called as the Deacon's president in our ward. He wakes up extra early on Sunday morning to make sure not to be late. He enjoys passing the sacrament. Will has been working hard to receive his Eagle. He is about two weeks away from completing his Eagle.

Will makes sure his chores are done and is helpful with his little brothers. Will watches the brothers while I am off running errands or doing other things. I can always count on Will to help clean, with homework or whatever else.

When I am frustrated with the boys he will come over and rub my shoulders. He is constantly reminding my that he loves me. Will always hugs me goodnight. He also reminds me not to swear.

Will is an honest, hardworking, smart, handsome gentleman. I am honored to have him in my family.


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

like you needed to persuade US :) (wink, wink) we're already sold!

Cami said...

What a fantastic example he is to your younger boys! Scott and I still think of Will in our Primary class a few years ago...we always thought he was a fantastic kid and it is fun to see how much he has grown up. You are one lucky mom!

Kara Miller said...

Love that Will!

Clarissa B. said...

such a handsome young man! i love that you added at the end that he reminds you not to swear. haha so sweet!

smh said...

I am an LDS mom of six who lives in Atlanta. My oldest is a 13 year old girl. Your son sounds like a perfect match for her. Arranged marriage? Lol