Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color Run

Last weekend we headed to Arizona to visit lots of fun friends and different places we enjoyed while we lived there. We also ran in the 5K Color Run. Will and I were suppose to run it but he woke up with a fever and decided to stay in bed. Jackson took his place but Tyler and Gavin joined us for the adventure. It was raining the entire time. Sometimes it was pouring, sometimes it was sprinkling. All the time we were having a blast! 

 Tyler and I ran together the entire time, and he was a great running partner. Gavin started far ahead of us but then fell a little behind and finished running with Jackson. 
 We were totally covered in different colors, it was awesome!!!
 After the run, there were tons of booths with free samples. There was also live music and dancing. Everyone was still full of energy and excitement. 

Before we made the drive back to the hotel, Scott had searched when the next Color Run would be. It's coming to Salt Lake City in September 2013! And we're all doing it! It's a very fun, family friendly activity.

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

They're doing a color run here in Atlanta come April? ish...looks fun. Most of our ward will be participating!