Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I thought the last couple of weeks of school were super busy and hectic, and I was thrilled when summer began. Sure, there are several summer activities and camps planned, but I thought we wouldn't be as busy as we had been during the last couple of weeks of school.

The last couple of weeks of school included:

The Preschool graduation for Brigham - (Naters will go to preschool for one more year, they just include all the children's in the performance and ceremony.)

The school carnival - I was helping with buying most of the food, some raffle stuff and selling tickets.

Jackson's 6th grade promotion - which I planned and was in charge of. The elementary schools here don't celebrate graduations, except for high school. That's lame! So, when Will was in the 6th grade I planned and put on a promotion for his class. Last year, no one stepped up. This year, I did it again for Jackson. Next year I will have a break and then the following year I will again do it for Tyler. Every other year you can count on me! I did have a lot of help and support and it turned out great!!

The school wide talent show - where Gavin performed on his violin.

Field Day for the entire elementary school - I helped with the 6th grade class a little. They played fun water games with each other. Scott and I bought over 300 Popsicles and handed them out to each student. Then, the kids ran through the sprinklers. THANKS to Mrs. West for paying for those Popsicles!!

On June 6th was the last day of school. Parties, goodbyes, and more parties. After school was let out, my kids went to different pool parties.

The summer officially begins. Here is our 50 FUN summer activities poster we made. We already have over 10 items marked off!!

Later that night, Scott drove Will, Tyler and Gavin halfway to Cedar City to meet up with Scott's parents. The big kids were invited to spend a couple of days working at their house for some extra money.

While they were in Cedar the Utah Summer games were going on. Will participated and received two medals (one Gold and one Bronze)! It'll be a new tradition for the boys to play in those games. THANKS Grandpa for setting all that up!!

During the time the big boys were gone, I planned fun activities for the little ones. We went to the zoo, a splash pad, made cookies, bought a blow-up pool for them and they played for hours in it.  Then I took them out for ice cream and McDonald's dinner.

On Sunday the 9th of June, it was a cousin's farewell. He's off to serve a 2 year mission for our church in Canada. I am thrilled for his faithfulness and desire to serve the Lord. Such a great example!!

On Wednesday of this last week, we met up with the big kids and headed to Yuba Lake for some quality family time. It was so beautiful and fun. I am glad we were able to squeeze that quick camping trip in.

Now we're totally into summer. There's been no sleeping in, no lazy summer days around the house. No boredom around here.
Tyler and Will have football camp all week long that starts at 7:30 IN THE MORNING!! Who plans that? Just typing 8 is so much better than 7:30! The boys are loving it, of course. They wear their gear around the house and get into ready position. They head outside with the little ones and show them how to catch and tackle. I am THRILLED football season is almost here! YEAH!!

Gavin has had Suzuki violin camp in Draper that starts at 9am until 6pm. It's his first year and we're enjoying it a lot. There are several people from our area that are attending as well. There are 500 kids participating in either the Violin, Viola or Cello groups. Gavin is focused and gaining a lot of experience. I am thrilled for him.

We purchased our Utah Pass of All Passes a while back and have already been busying utilizing them to the fullest. They offer so many discounts and free admissions to several attractions around the valley.

On this past Monday night, after camps, we headed to Orem to watch Tarzan the Musical as a family. It was an outdoor theatre and we had a blast. It was great weather, fun musical, and we had a good time together.

On Tuesday night, after camps, we were off to the SLC Bee's baseball game, my very first game ever. The boys all enjoyed themselves as well. They all brought their mitts hoping to catch a foul ball. I was a bit late to the game. I was invited to witness a sealing in the SLC temple with Brian and Ember. It was such a neat experience, truly. The spirit was so strong. I felt the warmth and love of family members on the other side of the veil. I felt the spirit confirm to me that temple ordinances are important and my attendance to the temple is needed more often.

Father's Day came and went and we spent the entire day together. The kids each wrote, drew or made something for Scott. We put together this tree picture for him and this: Every hour and half hour Scott opened an envelope up. There was either a coupon inside or a sweet message from one of the boys. After dinner, we hiked up to Donut Falls. It was a beautiful evening. It was a wonderful day spending with one another.