Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day {a little late}

 Happy Mother's Day to me!!! The boys, with a lot of help from Scott, put this flower bouquet together for me. The white flowers are the boys hands with the fingers curled back. It's a huge, beautiful flower arrangement, that I still have on my table. It's so unique. I love it.  I also received a few other fun gardening gifts from the boys.

Scott had to work all day, which was a total bummer, but I headed to my cousins house for dinner. Just me and Preston. The boys fended for themselves at home while I ate a delicious pan-seared with butter steak, twice baked potatoes...YUM. After, we played games, laughed and talked. It was wonderful. When I arrived back home, the house was clean, the little boys were in bed and the older boys were playing their instruments or reading. Nice!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, like me!

I am so lucky to have this "job" of being their mom. Of course it's tricky, frustrating, messy and loud at times. But, it's totally worth it! I am super lucky to have them all to raise as my own.